Learning Technologies Research group George Washington University


Recurring Exercises for the Mind (REMind) is a learning management system designed to improve students' long-term learning through intelligent adaptation and optimized distribution. REMind allows instructors to create, organize, and assign learning materials to their students, which are then delivered to each individual student at a personalized rate determined by their performance. REMind makes use of a spaced repetition system to automatically determine which materials students should be exposed to at any given time, optimizing their long-term learning and retention of learned materials over time. The system encourages the regular practice of important materials to promote students' continued and enduring learning while ensuring that students are exposed to new materials and refreshed on older materials at a rate most appropriate for their individual learning style.

REMind carefully balances the rate at which new materials are introduced to students while also ensuring that previously-learned materials are reinforced to retain them in long-term memory. This ensures that students are able to progress through materials at a rate that is most appropriate for their learning style without the risk of them forgetting things they have learned before. Materials that students struggle with are reinforced more frequently until they have been thoroughly mastered in the short term, after which they are sporadically re-introduced to refresh and further solidify their long-term mastery.