Learning Technologies Research group George Washington University

Graduate Projects

CAPITAL Comprehension and Pronunciation Instructional Tools for Adult Learners
CAPITAL tackles the challenge of automatic generation of literacy exercises for adults in basic education programs. It provides an integrated system of algorithmically-generated exercises and instructor-guided learning materials to augment literacy instruction at the beginner and intermediate levels. The CAPITAL project encompasses the generation system as well as an educational mobile/desktop application to deliver the generated learning materials to students.
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REMind Recurring Exercises for the Mind
REMind is a content-agnostic learning management system that optimizes the rate and frequency at which students are exposed to new concepts and are refreshed on previously-learned materials. The system provides tools for instructors and educational institutions to create, organize, and deploy exercises of many different forms, and to track and evaluate the performance of students on their assigned materials.
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Undergraduate Projects

GenCode is a tool designed to allow students to practice their coding skills with randomly-generated programming exercises. GenCode is built within the REMind system.
PEMDAS Programmatic Exercises for Math Development and Augmented Study